NIF nextinfashion w/Shelby – New Collaboration


Hey ROTH readers!

I’ve officially collaborated with NIF’s blogger Shelby!!  Like me she’s a young college student who is interested in getting into the fashion industry.  I’ve just met her & started reading her blogs but I already enjoy reading them because she has good tips on getting

“one step closer to getting your foot in the door of the fashion industry.”

I’ve had the pleasure of talking with her little bit and she’s a really nice person who shares common interests as me soooo go check her blog out!

*Something new you can expect from me on my blog (ROTH) & the NIF blog:

weekly/monthly blogs having anything to do with fashion as always!

+ main collaboration purpose is to reach more fashionistas out there & basically to just spread the word on tips and advice making it available to people who have interest in the fashion industry.  It’s a competitive world out there but both of our sites were built upon the understanding that fashion is by the people for the people.

Definitely go check it out NIF & be sure to come back here for the new stuff coming up as well!  You’ll really enjoy it! (:

If anyone has questions about anything please feel free to drop a comment & ask!