I’m Back! &UPDATES!


Hey ROTH readers! I’m finally back! A lot has been going on in my life lately which is the reason why I’ve neglected this blog :/ but it was for good causes I’m sure you’ll enjoy to hear about later.

Basically, I’ve been preparing for 2 fashion shows for this November. One is my city’s Fashion Week that’s being sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, && the other is my university’s SFA (Student Fashion Association) 2010 Fall Fashion Show!
This besides work & other boring stuff, haha.

I have more planned in my schedule as well but more on that soon to come.

For one, I’ve recently teamed up with my good friend Mikhael for some special goodies coming soon as well that I’m sure fashionistas & other artists alike will definetly enjoy!
But shhhhuushhh!
That’s all I can say for now. It’s totally on the DL right now, but once I get the okay to let you guys know, you’ll know(;
So keep checking back weekly!!
Also, in order to get more subscribes and readers, I’m thinking about holding a contest giveaway, so if you’re interested plz Subscribe!!

xoxo. STEFY