New Project!


Hello again! (:
It’s been a while… I’ve missed ROTH! I’ve been superrrrrrrr busy with life, fashion, and of course school work and I’ve abandoned ROTH and a few other little things here and there, I apologize, seriously though, but I assure you it was for a good cause or causes. I’m sure you all know how hard it is to keep up with the demands of life, while maintaining a part-time hobby, and maintaing a side fashion prep-type hobby on the side– all at the same time as well. I’m not complaining though because one of the things I want most is to be in the fashion industry so any little thing I can do to help me do that is worth it.
& Speaking of fashion and time being well worth it…last night I was up until 1am starting a little project of my own. About 2 weeks ago, I was asked to help with a friend’s baby shower that was lady bug themed, and naturally I said yes & volunteered my time & creativity to help make this baby shower. My friends and I were shopping around for ideas and items when I came across the idea to make baby clothes. Baby clothes?! Yes, baby clothes! I know, not exactly what I want my career to launch off with once I make it big, but it wasn’t a bad idea. Making little cute girl baby clothes was actually quite fun and easy! So, I ended up making the cutest little red dress with ladybugs and a cute little matching hat. When our friend opened her gift, she absolutely loved it & passed it around for all to see. Not to boast, but I actually am quite proud of my work. It looks like a little precious cutesy haute couture dress perfect for a cute baby girl who will look fabulously adorable wearing it. I’ve had some requests for more so last night I got started. I’m making them in all different colors and styles.
BUT WAIT! There’s more! Not only have I started a baby clothing hobby, but I’ve also started making some pretty amazingly adorable long shoulder strap purses I hope will start a new trend amongst not only us young and aspiring fashionistas looking to update a look or change an outfit look, but also people in general who just want to have fun with their outfit. Now that’s all I will say as far as that goes because this is still in the making & I’m keeping it on the DL for now alongside my other top secret project…

So that’s my little update for you guys! I hope you will come back next time if you would like to see my finished results or for info on where you can find it, & if you’re interested in purchasing the pieces I’ve talked about, please email subscribe on the right hand side of my homepage & also send me a comment or message on your inquiry. I look forward to hearing from you (:

P.S. we are still in the process of prepping for my university’s fashion show for this semester, so there will be more info on that as soon as possible & also info on where you can find some of the great fashions we’ll be featuring.