How-to wear, Turtleneck Sweaters


“What to Pair with a Turtleneck Sweater 
How to Accessorize it”


A turtleneck sweater doesn’t have to be a boring garment. It may look a little too sophisticated, stiff, plain, it’s basically something a teacher or an old office lady would often wear.. Well, that’s what I and many of the kids in the 5th grade associated turtleneck sweaters with. However as I grew older I realized the important role a turtleneck had on a person’s style and not least wardrobe. It’s a convenient sweater type that keeps your neck warm & takes away the hassle of wasting time on wrapping a scarf around the neck when you’re late for work or school. Not to mention that it’s an inexpensive and basic clothing that keeps you covered on job interviews, office work and even meetings. We all do need to look a little classy and lady-like, right?

Anyway, that was before I discovered the magic of layering. Given the right accessories & clothes combined with a turtleneck sweater you can turn it into a super-chic & great-looking outfit! I want to share with you on how it’s done. This page will give you all fashion tips and advice on how to accessorize and how to wear turtleneck sweaters stylishly!

Turtleneck sweaters are so versatile that they can work with almost all color combinations, styles & occasions. You’d be surprised of how good it can look if you just think outside the box.

 + Tips:

  • If you have a wide &/or round face, pull your hair up in a ponytail, add a pair of long earrings & a pendant necklace to elongate your face shape. A turtleneck tends to emphasize the round/wideness.
  • If you have a short neck, focus on solid dark colored turtlenecks to elongate your shape. To create an illusion of a longer neck, add a long necklace.
  • For variety, pick other exciting turtleneck styles such as cowl neck, mock neck, tunic or dress length.


My personal Fall 2010-2011 way to wear the turtleneck sweater is as follows (;imageimage


    Now let’s take a look at a couple of examples on how to style a plain black turtleneck. These outfits are chic and trendy, yet a little classy:

The Office Look:

Sophisticated office turtleneck sweater outfit*yawn*… Yeahh, your typical outfit, I know…
But let me show you how you can quickly & easily spruce it up…

The old way”:

    Pair it with dress pants & black kitty heel shoes.

    For a finishing touch, add a skinny belt around the waist band. For a pinch of glitz, I would personally wear a brown skinny belt with a small gold buckle.
    Also, I could be wrong, but I really don’t like kitty heels…they’re only about 1/2 to 1 inch tall, I don’t get it…on any day I’d rather wear a flat shoe but for this specific occasion, I would rather just wear some nice comfy pumps. I find that heels with a platform are the most comfortable to wear for a longer period of time.

    The newer way”:
    Sophisticated office turtleneck sweater outfit 2OR image


    Swap up the standard dress pants w/ trendy wide leg high waist pants (OR jeans if your office work dress code is more on the casual side) & high heel pumps w/ a crocodile texture.

    Top it off with a simple  skinny belt.  You can also add a more interesting dimension with a beautiful statement necklace &/or bracelet.


The Party Look:

Another classic that you can never go wrong with…


    The old way”:

    Sleek and sexy turtleneck sweater outfitOR
    A tailored turtleneck covers your upper part– drawing attention to where skin is showing. Take advantage by adding a touch of New York glamness — pair it up with a short black satin skirt a pair of ankle OR knee-high boots. The shiny skirt will add a new dimension to a monochromatic outfit.

    Another look I like is going for a bold print like we see w/Kim Kardashian:


    If you’re shy about your legs, disguise them in sheer black OR glossy tights! + For a chic fall outfit you can add wool tights in the mix.

    & for a finishing touch, throw on a layered chain necklace or a beautiful silk scarf.

    The newer way”:

    Sleek and sexy turtleneck sweater outfit 2OR image


    Purchase a slightly fitted black tunic length turtleneck sweater or dress.

    Combine it with sexy lace tights & black dress shoes with a little bit of a platform heel.

    Now wrap a gorgeous wide leather belt around the waist and if you like , add a pair of hoop earrings and/or bangle bracelets in the mix.

Chic & Casual Look:

There are several ways to wear a turtleneck sweater casually, here are 2 examples:


    > The old way:
    Casual chic turtleneck and shawl outfitOR image

    This is a very safe outfit combo. I also must say this is still a classic & fashion-worthy way my friends still use.

    Combining skinny jeans w/ the sweater, along w/ a big scarf or pashmina shawl.

    Top it off with simple brown knee high boots OR cute flats.

    > The newer way:

    Casual chic turtleneck and vest outfitORimage

    This is the way I know is more popular nowadays…

    Layering the sweater w/ another knit garment – a vest! Do not button it, it will only defeat the whole point of the look, making it look “matronly”. Instead let it flow loosely – the point is to achieve that casual yet chic look.

    + Add a pair of trendy flat ankle boots OR plain flats.

    &  then finish the outfit with a long pendant necklace and/or oversized cocktail ring. The cocktail rings are MY personal faves accessory that goes with just about, um idk-EVERYTHING! (;

    One of my newest favorite places to buy them: please be sure to let them know Stephanie recommended them to you! (;

&&& Speaking of accessories, here are some tips & ideas on how to accessorize turtleneck sweaters!

How to Accessorize a Turtleneck Sweater

You can make your outfit more interesting with accessories like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, scarves and belts.

Examples are:

  • Wear your favorite necklace — examples: long pendant necklaces, colorful beaded necklaces, pearl necklaces, layered necklaces
  • Swap up the necklace with a gorgeous silk scarf– let it hang loose, the ends flowing loosely on your bust
  • Pull up your hair and show off a pair of beautiful earrings — examples are: large pearl or diamond (or cubic zirconia) stud earrings, fashion hoop earrings, long chandelier or drop earrings
  • If you want to draw attention to your hands and lower body, add an interesting bracelet — examples are pearls, chain, crystal, bangles & beaded bracelets.

You can easily modify any simple outfit & make it into our own unique personal statement.


For example, if you have more of the classy and ladylike style going on, keep the jewelry at a minimum, add stud pearl earrings, &  a simple looking pearl bracelet.

If you’re the eclectic and laidback kind of girl, then go for layered necklaces, multiple bangles &/or colorful scarf.

If you’re the glamorous type, large gold or silver jewelry w/ crystals like cubic zirconia or diamonds will definitely display that.

The choice is yours!



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