Ulta Nail Polish Haul


Hello again Fashionistas!!

Miss me?? I missed blogging but gotta admit the 2-day break was kind of nice. Last night I worked another fashion show, so I’ll be posting about that soon!

Today, I wanted to share my little Ulta nail polish haul! Ulta was having a sale so why not?! Perfect time to stock up on new polish colors. I chose some fun, some bright, and some that are darker for this fall.

Although I like OPI very much myself I didn’t buy these as OPI dupes, however for those that strictly prefer OPI, I’ll include names of their version (;

Starting from left to right…

one coat swatches (Fine Pruned didn't show up true, looks brown here)

Piñata-Yada-Yada, (sparkles in different sizes: purple, silver, red, gold, turquoise, orange, green)
OPI’s version: (closest I could find was) Sparkle-icious

After Party (micro pink & silver, hint of micro red sparkles)
OPI’s version: (very similar to but not exactly like) Teenage Dream 

Fine Pruned (a muted lavender)
OPI’s version: Do You Lilac It? or OPI’s version: Done Out in Deco

Mint Condition (bright light turquoise/aqua)
OPI’s version: Mermaids Tears

(Essie) Tart Deco (a bright soft peachy orange)
Got this one as a gift from MBFW Miami, must say this one will really brings out a tan, looks fantastic. Didn’t find OPI dupe. 

(Pixel) The Midas Touch (iridescent gold)
OPI’s version: Sand In My Suit 

Moody Blues (deep navy blue)
OPI’s version: Yoga Ta Get This Blue (w/o the shimmer)

Plum Street (deep crimson red)
OPI’s version: From A to Z-urich 

Little Black Dress (black w/micro silver sparkles)
OPI’s version: (Nicole by OPI) Pitch-Black Glimmer 

Don’t you love when they give them fun names? It’d be amazing if I had my own nail polish collection. I’d have every color on the planet you could think of since I like color wayyyy too much to be limited to only a few.

I'm wearing Essie Tart Deco w/ lightning bolt stickers on my thumbs (: