Benefit’s “They’re Real” Mascara


Benefit "They're Real" mascara

Every makeup company claims they’ve made the perfect mascara that will give you those long & voluminous almost fake-like but real-looking lashes you crave. Many brands out there, both drugstore & department store brands do have mascaras that give you both length & volume, but unfortunately many times they also come with the added bonus of crunchy, hard plastic lashes that aren’t very easy to clean by the end of the day. Not with this mascara. Benefit’s revolutionary new mascara, really will have people asking you, if you’re wearing fake lashes, and you’re response wearing Benefit’s new mascara would be “They’re Real”.

I sound like a total infomercial right now, so to prove it to you, I had to try it out myself.

BEFORE Benefit "They're Real" mascara -- no mascara

AFTER Benefit "They're Real" mascara

The MUA (makeup artist) suggested a different uncommon method of application to ensure getting every  lash covered for the desired effect.

First, she had me close my eyes and she worked the product wiggling the mascara wand from the bottom lashes to the top lashes.

Next, she held the wand vertically, swiping vertically up & down she was able to get my inner & outer corner lashes and touched up certain areas.

Simple & easy as that. I have yet to try it on myself…hoping I don’t smear mascara all over my eyes, haha.

Here are a few more pictures…

the mascara wand

side view #1

side view #2

At first I was a little shocked because I felt like I had spider lashes since they were so much longer than I expected, however I was quite impressed with the results after just one coat, so imagine how they’d be better with more than two coats. The application method the MUA used on me was new & different, but if you’re uncomfortable with that technique, I’m sure you’d still get spectacular results using any technique that already works for you.

This mascara runs for about  $22, may be a bit pricey, but if you like the results it gives you’re lashes & the ease of getting the desired effect of “false lashes”, then I think it’s well worth it.

Check out their quite funny commercial!

Stay tuned for more soon!