Marc by Marc Jacobs – Petal to the Metal handbag


I went into the Nordstrom at my mall and at the entrance to the plethora of women’s handbags, I gasped and ran over to the mannequin holding the ‘Petal to the Metal Natasha’ Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag. Part of the Marc FW11 collection.

This bag has somewhat of a spring/summer yet workable for fall season kind-of-feel that I really liked. I like the trend it incorporated of the slouchy  zipper pouch look, and the two brass gold sparrow hardware on the front, had me sold. This bag would be great with pretty much any outfit whether it’s a night out at the movies with the friends, shopping at the mall, or going to school/work. This bag has a chic, young, fresh feel.

On another shelf I found another bag of the same collection that I found really adorable. This is one I actually preferred over the Natasha simply because it’s smaller & I like the simplicity of the one sparrow on the front.

This is the ‘Petal to the Metal Flap Pouchette’.

This one also comes in the same 4 colors as the Natasha bag– your basic Black, a brown Espresso, a cream Stone, and in chestnut color Russet.

Also check out the ‘Petal to the Metal Sookie’ handbag. The third ‘PTTM’ bag is similar in size to the ‘PTTM Natasha’ bag but with an edgier look, side pockets, and also one sparrow.

To see all these bags & more detailed information, click on their image(s). 

Find the PTTM handbag that suits your taste in style and color. Marc Jacobs always knows just how to make a great quality, and fashionable item we’ll love. The PTTM collection really gives consumers the chance to have both a dainty and chic look overall with the added gold sparrow but with a slight punch of edginess that the leather gives.