Character Traits Awaits at Forever21!


Adorably cute new graphic tops, tanks, pullovers, hoodies, of the classic characters you used to love! I don’t know about you, but I think nobody can ever really outgrow their favorite cartoon character.

Coincidentally, today I watched The Lion King on VHS with my little sister…thinking about buying the DVD now that it’s recently available…but watching it reminded me how much I liked The Lion King so much. Have to say, it’s still my fave Disney classic movie.

As much as I admire runway high fashion, I’m also still a kid at heart that loves to wear stuff like this every once in a while…But who says you can’t make it stylish?? Take a look at how Forever21 has styled them up!

Which one would you wear? How would you style it up? I’d like to know! (:

Check them all out at Forever21! 


Photos Courtesy of Forever21