Out Of This World Galaxy Nails!


 If you’ve read my last post on nail polishes, my Ulta Nail Polish Haul, you’ll know I really enjoy doing my own nails. This week, I’ve been rocking the Galaxy/Outer Space nail look! Got compliments even at Starbucks! However, I didn’t come up with this look on my own, I must give credit to beautiful Youtube Beauty Guru, Andrea, from AndreasChoice! Thanks Andrea!! 

Colors I used:

(see last picture below of the nail polishes, true colors are shown)

Let’s Meet 928 (yellow) by Sinful Colors Professional from Walgreens

Lavender WNPS504 (purple) by Love & Beauty from Forever21

– Envy (dark green) by ULTA   (only available in 4pc set now)

Glitter Purple (purple & teal sparkles) by Sally Girl from Sally’s Beauty Supply $0.99
(also found a dupe at Forever12 “Confetti Sparkle”) $2.80

– Little Black Dress (black w/mirco silver glitter) from ULTA
(no longer available, but you can use black, or any other dark color for base)

Queen of Beauty 923 (silver glitter) by Sinful Colors Professional

What You’ll Need:

1)  the nail polish colors you choose (make sure they’re bright enough to stand out from your dark base color)

* the bright colors will imitate the colorful galaxy

you can Google pictures of the galaxy for color scheme ideas!

2) any color glitter you’d like to use, I find silver is best, alongside any other color you chose (like I chose “purple glitter”)

* the glitter is to imitate beautiful twinkling stars

3) a small sponge.  I took the dish washing sponge from my kitchen and cut off a corner which was suffice.

* this will help get the right texture to imitate the star dust as seen in the picture above, the purple hues & soft glow

What I Did:

First, paint your nails with your base color, for me I chose the “Little Black Dress”

Once base color is dry, I sponged on the darkest color “Envy”, then “Lavender” just under the Envy. I saved the “Let’s Meet” yellow for the last in this step as a highlight color here & there. When using the sponge, it’s best to do little dabs at a time. Continue to do so for your liking, but try to not cover your base color.

* Here you want to be careful not to mix colors or cover up your last color completely, unless you like it.  

Next I painted the entire nail with the “Purple Glitter”.

Then, once all the above was almost fully dry, I swiped some of the “Queen of Beauty” silver glitter in linear chucks here & there.

Lastly, I topped it off with a clear coat of nail polish.

* Note to keep in mind: when you’re going for the next color & they may overlap, make sure they’re at least half dry, otherwise it may get messed up & not look like you want them too.

Experiment with it & have fun!