Cute Cheetah for Halloween!


Still don’t have a costume??

Be a fierce Cheetah!

Products Used:

– ELF Smoky Eye Palette (for the white, black, & platinum grey eyeshadows)

– Cargo Plant Love lipstick in Eve Pinky (bright Barbie-pink color)

– any blush in a soft pink color

– your choice of mascara

– pencil eyeliner to shade in a black nose

– liquid liner with thin applicator for the cheetah circles/prints on cheeks. You can also draw on with a solid pencil but I like liquid best.

... or a baby cheetah!

How to make the cheetah prints?

– using the liquid liner, press down on face where you want the print, then twist & turn around in a circle slowly & carefully creating a half open circle to imitate the cheetah print.

* they will all come out different & interesting, don’t worry if they don’t look perfect, that’s the point, & will look more realistic.

* if you really don’t like  the look of one, or you feel you messed up, simply remove with some makeup-remover & a q-tip.

Be safe out there & have a Happy Halloween!


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