Stay Away From My Makeup!


A harmless swipe, a simple flick—we all have those friends who think our makeup collections are open for business. We say “No way!” Bacteria issues aside, sharing makeup is a total beauty no-no. But what if your fellow Beauties constantly ask to borrow your precious beauty goods?

This is a situation I have found myself in with my friends, many many times. And many of those times, I had no clue what to say or do without hurting my friend’s feelings or putting tension on our friendship over a seemingly simple innocent request. So what do you do??

Here are some tips for protecting your stash from unwanted fingers while keeping your friendships alive.

How to Navigate Friendships and Protect Your Makeup

1. “I just bought it.”

The moment you whip out your newest glossy acquisition, you see your friend’s eyes light up. “Sparkle! Pretty! I want it,” she squeals with her eyes. Not on your call! If a friend asks to try a product, tell her your recent purchase is for special occasions only, not her lips!

2. “It’s not you, it’s me!”

Snagged from bad breakup scenarios, this totally clichéd line line still works to protect your expensive foundations and powders. If a friend needs to cover up, tell her you can’t share any of your makeup because of your bad skin. Remember, you’re just looking out for her.

3. “Do you have a napkin or applicator?”

If you’re okay with sharing your makeup hygienically, we’ve got no problems! When a friend is stuck with an emergency beauty situation, whip out your sanitizer, napkins, and cotton swabs and help the Beauty out!

4. “Here, try this instead.”

No matter how much you resist, friends always look to you for beauty touch-ups. You are, after all, the beauty guru in the group, right? Keep a spare powder compact, a lipstick and lip gloss, and a few cotton swabs in your purse for your friends and save the prized possessions for yourself. Your secondary stash will keep everyone happy and your favorite products germ-free!

Hope you all enjoyed this article!!

Stay tuned for some of my newest natural/organic product reviews coming soon!!


Content and ideas for this post courtesy of Beautylish