Going All Natural – with Indie Lee


5 days ago, I received a special delivery from Indie Lee!

My first Indie Lee natural/organic products!

To be honest, I didn’t know anything about Indie Lee or her brand until my trip to Santa Monica last month. If you were like me & not familiar with Indie Lee, you must get familiar with her brand if you’re big on going natural, have been intrigued by natural products, or even if you’re not at all into natural products but you’re someone who appreciates a good product; Trust me, you’ll enjoy her luxurious all natural products. Not only are these great products generally speaking, they’re honestly also good FOR you.

Let me tell you a little bit on Indie Lee’s bio I got to know while I was there before I get started on the reviews.

the fabulous Indie Lee herself

Indie Lee was diagnosed with a potentially fatal brain tumor a few years ago. Thankfully, after a successful surgery, coincidentally on Earth Day in 2009, she was given a second chance at life. She never thought she would ever be at risk of getting a brain tumor. How could she? After all, she tried to stay healthy, she exercised and ate healthy foods… so even after all this, how could she have gotten a brain tumor? Well, her doctor explained through giving her an analogy… what he basically said was this…

“what you put ON your body, is just as important as to what you put in your body”

You’re body will absorb anything you put on it. I personally had never even had the thought of such a thing cross my mind! Many people like myself are aware that what we put IN our bodies is important, but not so much when it comes to what we put ON your bodies.

Now you’re probably asking… so this includes lotions/creams, soaps, etc?? Simply put — YUP! (maybe your jaw drops right about now) And then you ask, Why??… To make many of the products both you and I love so much, many chemicals are used either to create that awesome color you see it has, or maybe its amazing fragrance. But the truth is, when those chemicals get absorbed by your skin, it can lead to serious health problems, and you don’t necessarily have to wait for it in the long-run as Indie Lee can attest to.

Trust me, I have a lot more to say on the subject, so I will be doing a whole blog post about these health and other dangers we’ve been exposing ourselves to all these years, that are also putting our bodies at risk that can most definitely be avoided. Stay tuned for that.

Now, on to the good stuff! … 

The package came quite quickly after getting confirmation–from Indie Lee’s friendly assistant Craig Strauss–that it was about to be sent out. I’d say approximately 2-3 days.

The items came packaged safely in some exciting vibrant green tissue paper cushioned by some bubble wrap underneath. Alongside the products, I received a small informational booklet about everything Indie Lee, as well as a kind thoughtful notecard written & signed by none other than Indie Lee herself.

I’ve had almost a week, to test out these wonderful products, and well, I guess I’ve given a little bit of my review opinion away… they were just that — naturally wonderful!

First it may be helpful if I begin informing you on what it is you’re looking at in the picture above.

From left to right: The Cleanser/Makeup Remover,  a sample of the Facial Serum (in the small clear glass bottle), the Blemish Stick (in the longer clear glass tube), the Body Scrub in Coconut Lemon, 2 Cleansing Bar (1 in Tea Tree Aloe & 1 in Mint Eucalyptus), & last but not least, the Shampoo & Conditioner in Lemongrass Citrus. Oh & the Baby Balm which I clearly forgot to include in this picture! (I’ll be posting them all individually below).

The Cleanser/Makeup Remover (full size)

I am not exaggerating when I say this stuff is amazing!! I don’t even know where to begin with this product… I’ll begin by saying, this works double duty as both a facial cleanser & a makeup remover. Surprisingly, my mom as you may already know, has sensitive skin & mild roseacea. But when I say sensitive skin, I mean like she’s allergic to many products including soaps, so she has to watch what she uses. She was able to use this both on her face & eyes with no problems at all. In addition, I was able to remove my stubborn Smashbox mascara off with little effort. Can’t help but say it was simply “easy peasy lemon squeezy!” When I say stubborn, I mean I’ve taken lashes out before when I’ve used my other makeup removers including one I recently reviewed as in my one of my faveorites (the Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes).
Great cleanser even for sensitive skin, and as far as being a makeup remover, I must say this one is up to par with another favorite makeup remover both my mom & I have used by Bobbi Brown. In case you’re wondering about its consistency, it comes in a clear gel form which can be easily dispensed on a cotton ball/pad.

my rating:  5 flowers!

The Facial Serum (sample size)

One of their pricier items at $115 because it is made from the stem cells of a rare, Swiss apple. This restorative, anti-aging serum helps repair and delay the onset of wrinkles. Considering I have not yet gotten wrinkles at 2o years of age, I think it’s best to leave this one to my beautiful aging mother to review. She too doesn’t have many wrinkles, but she has gotten fine lines. She found this product to be very moisturizing & smoothening. I’d say it’s safe to give this product 5 stars/flowers.

my rating:  5 flowers!

The Blemish Stick (full size)

This was actually the first item I ran to go use, since at the time, I had a few stress-caused blemishes I was really not happy about. Midterm week in college + stress = breakouts! Breakouts + Blemish Stick = Goodbye blemishes!
I really liked its lipgloss reminiscent type tube which makes for an easy application.
Possible TMI warning ahead: I had a pimple growing close to my temple, it was definitely puffy and just not okay with me at all. I applied some of this clear ointment and by the next day the blemish visibly shrunk to being almost completely gone.

my rating:  5 flowers!

Mint Eucalyptus Cleansing Bar (full size)

I really really liked this cleansing bar a lot. The mint & eucalyptus aroma hit me in the face the moment I opened the package. Absolutely refreshing. If you look in my  shower, I currently still have some of my Bath & Body Works Stress Relief Aromatherapy in Eucalyptus Spearmint liquid body wash, one of my top favorite body washes I’ve used for years now.
Downside with that one is, while it may contain the essential oils and such, it is not completely composed of natural ingredients… which of course I’ve come to learn is not really going to be good for my health. Seeing as to I (as hopefully many other people do) shower very frequently, I’d much rather opt for a natural product. Not to mention, I’m practically inhaling the fragrance from this as well. Remember “what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body.” The Bath & Body body wash retails at about $13, while this cleansing bar that’s (a good size) about the size of a square-ish deck of cards, retails at a great price of $6!… which leaves you without an excuse not to get this luxury-quality and totally-worth-it cleansing bar. The aroma alone had me sold, just saying.

my rating:  5 flowers!

Tea Tree Aloe Cleansing Bar (full size)

This cleansing bar also smells quite amazing to say the least. It’s perfect for anyone who has oily, normal, or combination skin. Especially for those of us who tend to breakout occasionally. This has Jojoba to purify, exfoliate, and cleanse acne-prone skin. Like all the products I’ve mentioned thus far, it does not contain a single harsh ingredient, only natural ingredients. Like with everything else, I try to do my research & I checked to make sure.
It is 100% Natural: Saponified oils of Olea europaea fruit (olive), Elaeis guineensis (palm), Cocos nucifera (coconut), Butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), Aqua (purified water), glycerin, Essential oils: Mentha piperita (peppermint) oil, Mentha viridis leaf (spearmint) oil and Eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, Mentha piperita leaves, Clay, Honey, Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

my rating:  5 flowers!

The Shampoo (sample size)

This plant-derived shampoo comes in a Lemongrass Citrus fragrance, which is strong if you smell it from the palm of your hand, (I don’t recommend doing that, although I did, haha) but is much lighter in fragrance once you lather it in your hair. On that note, since I mentioned lathering, being that it’s a natural shampoo, it will not lather to a crazy foamy substance which is a good sign indicating it’s not full of sulfates which are really bad for your hair. This shampoo is also okay to use if you have colored or chemically straightened hair. Something else I noticed about this shampoo is that it left my hair feeling a bit moisturized before I had even moved on to apply The Conditioner. However for me personally, I’d give this product 4 stars/flowers simply because I wasn’t too thrilled with the scent as much as I thought I’d be. On the other hand, if you don’t mind that, I’d recommend this product to people who have especially dry hair along with its conditioner.
Side notes:
* Paraben Free
* Phthalate Free
* Sulfate Free
* DEA and TEA Free
* Artificial Fragrance Free
* Propylene Glycol Free
* NO animal testing
All things to be happy about (: 

my rating:  4 flowers!

The Conditioner (sample size)

Similar fragrance to the shampoo, though I thought this one was a bit fruiter, which I personally liked better. Also is all natural & plant-derived, and really does give your hair moisture & shine. I rinsed my hair a few times, but it maintained feeling smooth and moisturized, not dry and brittle like some conditioners can leave hair feeling. Like the shampoo, this is also able to be used on colored hair or chemically straightened hair.

my rating:   4 1/2 flowers!

The Baby Balm (full size)

Ok so considering I am not a baby, and I have no need for diaper rash creams, I left this one up to my little sister & mom to review. Coincidentally, my little sister did have a diaper rash the day I received this, so it was perfect timing to try it out. Warning I may sounds a bit like a news reporter now: Apparently according to reliable sources, this product did it’s job quite well.
This product is said to helps relieve diaper rash discomfort and chaffing all day long.  May also be applied to those adorable drooly cheeks and chins. The perfect size for your diaper bags and purse. Contains no artificial fragrances or preservatives. Therefore it receives 5 star/flowers!

my rating:  5 flowers!

The Body Scrub in Coconut Lemon (sample size)

According to dermatologists, its ok to use a body scrub 1-2 times a week. This week, I’ve already used my twice a week recommendation! Again, must say, if you were to look in my shower right now you’d find 3 different body scrubs I like to use. They’re all great, no complaints, although they’re not natural… so let us just forget about that for a moment… comparing this body scrub to my other body scrubs, the quality is excellent. In fact, I actually think I might like it better. You’re probably thinking I just contradicted myself just now considering I just said I had no complaints about my other body scrubs, and that’s true…but I really like how this one literally melts into your skin leaving it oh so baby soft & smooth. Need I say more?? I will be coming back for more of this product (:

my rating:  5 flowers!

I must give a big thanks to Indie Lee for being so generous and sending me these products to try out. In the couple conversations I’ve had the honor of having with her, I can tell she truly tries to connect to her consumers and looks out for their best interest in providing them with all natural and high-quality products.

Check out her website!  http://indielee.com/  

& Follow her on Twitter!  @IndieLee

That’s all for my Indie Lee product reviews for now. I hope you’ve found this helpful!