Lady In Red, Lipstick That Is!



Don’t be afraid to be fiercely stunning in a red lip this season. If anytime were the best time to strut red lips, now is definitely the time. Everyone, I mean everyone, looks stunning in red lipstick.

There are two key things you’ll need to take into consideration when finding the prefect red lipstick for you — (1) your skin’s undertone, and (2) the lipstick’s undertone.

According to makeup artists & makeup producers, there are two main colors of red undertones in lipsticks: orange based reds & blue based reds.

If a you have cool/fair, pink undertone, to light medium skin tone, opt for a blue based red lipstick.

If you have a golden undertone/skin tone, you’ll want to opt for a orange based red lipstick.

In my personal experience, having medium-olive-golden undertoned skin — I think my skintone is one of those special cases — I have found that I can sometimes get away with either blue or orange based red lipsticks, it just depends on how much of that blue or orange undertone it has. The best way to know for certain, is just to try a few out. Stop by your local cosmetics store or the mall and swatch some different reds. When you compare the shades on the back of your hand for example, you’ll be able to see the differences between the colors undertones and which ones compliment your skin tone.

When you find the perfect red shade, you’ll notice your hair & eyes light up. If you’re not sure which red is the right one for you, makeup artists at the counter should be more than happy to help you as well.

I know red can be a little scary at first, simply based on the fact that red is such a vibrant & attention grabbing color… but don’t be scared to try it out! You’ll be surprised at how good you’ll look & feel once you find the perfect shade!

Last weekend I applied red lipstick to some ladies that normally would never go near the color red. Some ladies even joked about the lipstick being a “slutty red”, haha… however they were forced to wear it to perform in a Christmas production that was themed on a movie from 1920’s-1940’s which was the era in where red lipstick was thetrend everyone wore. Red lipstick can be worn without looking trashy if worn correctly, in fact, look incredibly elegant & swanky if worn correctly. So I just reassured the ladies I’d make them look fabulous, and found their perfect shade of red that would compliment their natural skin tone… and they certainly did look absolutely fabulous & even loved it. (I’ll see if I can post photos later).

Once you can find the perfect shade, there’s nothing else to fear because you know you look great. The only reason I’ve found people not looking good in red lipstick was if the shade they choose wasn’t the right color on them. This Christmas season, more people will be wearing red lipstick. And for good reason because now is the perfect season!

Here’s a video where Marie Claire Beauty Director, Ying Chu, interviews the queen of red lipsticks, Poppy King.

*** Don’t forget to keep the eye makeup low-key. With a vibrant lip, you’ll want to keep it nice & simple with an elegant winged eye & lots of voluminizing/lengthening mascara. (;

Here are some lovely ladies that weren’t afraid to flaunt this look!


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Hope you enjoyed this segment! Stay tuned for more coming soon!!

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