NuboNau – November Edition


Hello Beauties!!

I’ve finally finished finals and am ready to continue blogging here on my main blog! Some of you may know I also have a Tumblr blog, which I’ve been keeping up to date somewhat this month, but it’s definitely not the same as getting to blog here on RUNWAYORTHE (;
With that being said…Its good to be back to do another NuboNau review! One that’s been long overdue!!

I haven’t officially announced this yet, but last month, I was 1 of 10 people chosen as Ambassador for NuboNau! When I found out the good news, I was totally stoked…and still am! As a new Ambassador for NuboNau, I will be unboxing & reviewing random NuboNau products monthly. As I discover an array of natural and organic products that they offer, I will be sharing my discoveries with you right here on my blog!

Let’s begin!

This month, I received one NuboNau item and two John Masters items.

The Argan Oil

By NuboNau

This 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil versatile product, is one of NuboNau’s signature products from their  “Our Signature Skincare Collection”. An extremely light and easily absorbed oil said to give your skin a healthy & radiant glow.

I, myself, already own two bottles!

– Use on face, hair and body,

– Naturally high in Tocopherols / Antioxidants and Carotene to nourish and protect the skin,

– Minimizes the the appearance of fine facial lines,

– Helps to restore and improve the skins elasticity,

– Contains Omega 6 – which helps to prevent hair breakage,

– Softens cuticles and conditions nails,

– Conditions and treats damaged and frizzy ends of your hair,

– Adds a soft shine to hair,

– Assists in a healing blemished or scarred skin.

MY RATING: ***** 5/5

Lavender, Rose Geranium & Ylang-Ylang Soap

By john masters organics

This soap bar simply smells amazing. I could smell it upon opening the box. Definitely serves as a relaxing aroma, if you plan to shower with this bar before going to bed. Or, even as your regular hand soap. Simply put, if you like lavender, you’ll like this product. Plus, it contains 5 Certified Organic Oils to soften & hydrate.

– Helps reduce sebum production,

– Leaves skin feeling soft, fresh and clean,

– Triple milled for superior texture,

– French milled (temperature controlled) for a longer-lasting bar,

– Smells incredible,

– Very hydrating and gentle,

– Comes wrapped in 100% recycled paper printed with water-based inks.

For all skin types, it is great for the whole body.

MY RATING: ***** 5/5

Cacao & Cupuacu Hand & Body Butter

By john masters organics

NuboNau’s description of this hand & body butter calls this “Yummy!” and  “A deliciously intensive blend of Cacao, Shea & Cupuacu butters combined with the emoliating properties of Broccoli & Cranberry seed oils provides moisture to smooth & nourish the driest skin.”

I don’t think I can say how much I like this hand/body butter, so much I can only give it 5 stars!! I received a sample of the John Masters Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Milk a few months back, and thought that was the best lotion ever, not only for the aroma, but the moisturizing properties. Now after trying this body butter with the Cacao & Capuacu, I’ve become even more a fan of John Masters and their products. I never had a problem of dry hands before, but now that it’s Fall and getting closer to Winter, my hands have been in need of moisture. This body butter not only smells absolutely delicious, but also restores the moisture. Definitely a body butter worth recommending.

And I couldn’t agree more. The aroma of this body/hand butter truly is delicious, like you can eat it right up!…only of course I wouldn’t suggest that, haha.

It reduces the signs of aging, protects against free radical damage, softens and lubricates the skin.

– Cupuacu butter  locks in moisture to help restore skin elasticity,

– Cacao butter helps fade blemishes and stretch marks,

– Cranberry seed oil is a powerful anti-oxidant and one of nature’s best sources of omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids,

– Shea butter penetrates deep into the skin to smooth, moisturize and help keep skin balanced and toned,

– Borage oil – restores moisture; highest GLA (gamma lineolic acid) source,

– Rose hip oil – high in oleic, linoleic and linolenic acids.

*SIDENOTE: On the back of the tube, John Masters mentions that the product may solidify or thicken sometimes, this has happened to me, I don’t know if the cause of this  is the cold weather lately or not,either way, it can become a little difficult to get out. I simply run it under some warm water to warm up the product so it becomes easier to get out. A little of this product goes a long way.

MY RATING: ***** 5/5

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Hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s edition of NuboNau products. Stay tuned for the December edition coming soon!

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