NuboNau – January Edition


Hello Beauties!!

This month I received another package to try & review from the ever wonderful natural/organic skincare boutique NuboNau!!

As with all NuboNau orders, they are carefully gift wrapped & packaged and include a personalized handwritten card. I really should’ve included photos like these in my previous NuboNau reviews, but what can I say, all is a learning experience. Nonetheless here you go!! I can’t wait to share more with you!

…the note card!…

…the package!…

I am excited share my newest discoveries! Let’s begin!

Item #1:  MÁDARA – Tinting Fluid 

A little bit of info about this brand? MÁDARA has become a leader for green industry in Latvia. Lotte has combined practical plant wisdoms to address modern needs for products that work in achieving skin’s natural balance, while taking care of the needs of the environment. Lotte Tisenkopfa-Iltnere the founder of  MÁDARA, created this line in response to her own sensitive skin needs. She utilizes traditional Latvian flowers & herbs as highly effective natural ingredients. MÁDARA was founded in 2006 in Latvia. (For those of us who may not know where Latvia is, it’s located in the Baltic Sea area…woohoo! Fact of the day! haha)

I got the MÁDARA Tinting Fluid  in the color “Moon Flower”.

This soft tinting fluid is probably a good alternative for people who don’t necessarily like to use foundation which can be heavy, but prefer a more natural, very light coverage w/ natural moisturizing benefits. It contains highly effective, natural ingredients such as Baltic algae, Chamomile, Plantain, Rose water and St.John’s-wort, Cocoa & Jojoba which in this product, give the benefits of:

– Illuminating the skin

– Nourishing and moisturizing

– Color and shimmer are obtained from natural plant minerals and mica

– Wonderful fragrance reminiscent of freshly cut grass!

This product is also said to even out skin tone, gives the skin freshness and radiance (due to the very very subtle shimmer), & helps to disguise imperfections and fine lines. In my personal opinion to this statement, I can agree that the product will give the skin a radiant dewy fresh face. I’m not too sure how well it will even out very uneven skin tone — maybe if used over a longer period of time improvement may be seen? It is very lightweight and gives a very sheer coverage, so this is not a product for people who are looking for more coverage. I personally wasn’t too excited for the freshly cut grass aroma however luckily it didn’t linger around throughout the day or anything so it wasn’t a huge problem. If initial fragrances aren’t a concern for you, then you surely may like this product without any problems. I’d recommend this product for the lightness of it overall & the natural benefits.  Especially a terrific alternative to heavy foundations for people with little to no skin concerns. For sake of evening out the skin tone and simply giving you a more radiant appearance, this is a marvelous product I’ve really grown to like. Another great benefit in addition to being exactly 99.875% organic, is that it’s for all skin types! (Cost: $49.95).

Here are some photos:

In the first photo, you can see the coverage (on the right side of my hand) versus the second photo where I cleaned the product. The coverage is not bad but keep in mind, very subtle.

This is a great product for hot summer days when most people will be gravitating towards lighter foundations & makeup. I paired this tinting fluid with CARGO’s Blu_Ray Pressed Powder (which gives moderate to heavy coverage). I took a powder brush lightly dusting the powder over tinting fluid and absolutely thought Cargo complimented this product by MÁDARA for a natural light-coverage look.

MY RATING: ***** 5/5

If you’d like to go to the website to purchase this (or any other product you see on this post), remember you can click on the first photo of main (bottled) product. 

Item #2:  NUDE – Hydrating Water

A little bit of info about this brand?  NUDE is a luxury, natural and high performance skincare brand which works intelligently with the skin to correct the signs of aging. It’s true, not only do Nude products look beautiful – they are also highly effective – containing high-performance, using naturally sourced ingredients the body can recognize to deliver incredible results. Nude was also the first brand to use pre & probiotics in skincare. Nude was founded in 2007 in the UK.

The NUDE Hydrating Water contains rose & vanilla floral water which can be misted onto the face after cleansing. (Cost: $20). Benefits of this product include:

– Hyaluronic acid and prickly pear extract lock in water while Prebiotics prime and protect leaving skin calm, revived and beautiful,

– Tones skin, removing final traces of Make-Up,

– Cleans, prepares and refreshes for radiant skin,

– Revives normal, dry and sensitive skins.

The rose & vanilla in this product are not overwhelming what-so-ever, so it’s perfect for people who dislike overpowering fragrances in their skin products. I’ve heard people have used this product not only underneath their makeup, but also misted over makeup when in need of an extra boost of hydration or for a dewy finished look. Only down-side is I’d be a bit weary to try if you have sensitive skin, as I’ve tried this product on my mom who has sensitive skin, and she claimed to have a burning feeling which lasted until the next day, however this possibly may be due to the fact her skin didn’t take well to misting this product over makeup, and this product is meant to be misted onto clean skin and then wiped gently with a cotton pad after.

MY RATING: ***** 5/5

Item #3:  Dr.Hauschka® Skin Care – Blackthorn Body Wash

A little bit of info about this brand?  For over 40 years Dr.Hauschka has been offering a wonderful collection of holistic products, each made using the therapeutic properties of plants as its foundation. The collection is specifically designed to work in harmony with your skins own natural cycles and rhythms to guide you to healthy, radiant beauty. Celebrity followers of Dr.Hauschka include Oprah, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Leighton Meester and Rachel Zoe to name but a few, plus the company has received several coveted Awards: Elle Green Star, Natural Health Beauty Award, Instyle Best Beauty Buy and The Green Beauty Bible. Founded in 1967 Germany.

I was especially excited to try this body wash out simply for the fact that currently it’s winter, and we all know that winter can be harsh to our skin drying it out during a cold season. This soap-free cleanser features extracts of Blackthorn and Witch hazel which are meant to tone and revitalize without drying out or damaging the skin. Rosemary essential oil in this product warms, while the lemon stimulates, and grapefruit refreshes. (Cost: $19.95). Benefits:

– Moisturizes and nurtures,

– Mild formula gently cleanses even the most sensitive skin,

– Revitalizing scent of Lemon and Grapefruit oils popular with both men and women,

– Plant oils and soothing Shea butter leave skin soft and supple,

– & even makes an excellent shaving cream for legs.

This product is worth it even for people with sensitive skin. Also comes in a invigorating citrusy Lemon aroma, as well as a delicate and soft floral Rose aroma.

MY RATING: ***** 5/5

Hope you’ve enjoyed this edition’s review of natural/holistic/organic products that can be found at!

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