Recaping MBFW Swim Miami 2012 @ my University!


Getting to relive MBFW Swim Miami 2012 all over again for two of my class projects at my University this week!! As one of my friends would say, this is…faaannnn-tastic!! Not only do I get to talk about one of my top favorite subject — fashion! — but I also get to present to my class an event that I actually attended, lived, and breathed for an entire week. Added bonus because of the latter, this project so far is pretty easy. Going to ace these final projects. :)

Sorry but feel like saying the one word that I found so annoying by one of the least favorite bachelorettes this last season… #winning! :D

Some friends & I posing for a picture!

I know I’ve been pretty much incognito this past week and few days, and I’ve been truly sad about it… Cannot wait to come back to make some proper blog posts later this month once all the chaos has died done!! Hopefully this little quick post can hold you till then! I’m still here! Here to stay, don’t worry!

In case you haven’t done so yet, you may want to check out the hottest swimwear fashion trends from MBFW for this summer that is quickly approaching!! You can find it all right here on my blog! Runway footage, interviews from the designers, photos, and more! Simple search Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami in the search box at the bottom of the home page and you’ll find all my related content on MBFW Swim 2012.

Stay tuned & fabulous!!