#MakeupMonday – June 11, 2012 Indie Lee


Monday 11 June, 2012

It’s the 2nd edition of #MakeupMonday!!

You may’ve already heard me rave about the natural products I’ve reviewed and enjoyed by Indie Lee, however for those of you that haven’t, for today’s #MakeupMonday I will be sharing with you one of my newest favorite all natural brands that you can feel comfortable using. It’s not “greenwashed”.

At the top of my list of favorite products by Indie Lee, it would definitely have to be “The Cleanser.”

I’ve occasionally used it as an overall facial cleanser, however it’s also double-duty , gentle yet effective enough to wash away stubborn mascara. I’ve only run into one other makeup remover that was as gentle as this and yet strong enough to get rid of my mascara by the end of the day, and this one I’d have to say takes the lead. I love that it’s all natural, gentle enough even for my mom’s sensitive skin, and doesn’t leave a trace of eyeliner or mascara like some other harsher cleansers/makeup removers do whether you rub your eyes enough or not. I’m not a fan of rubbing my eyes too much since I’m assuming that eventually years of doing so will cause  fine lines to appear more rapidly, so if I can find a product that can eliminate me having to work so hard to clean my face/eyes and not age me in the process, I’ll take it. This one should definitely be in everyone’s shopping cart.

I recommend checking out her website by clicking on the picture below. You can find more helpful videos and resources on several more natural alternatives and remedies, and even shop her products!


Check out Indie’s Lee’s story!

Got Summer Bugs Buggin’ You??

On a slight side note, I just wanted to share a little something else with you all…Now that summer is here, and so are mosquitos and other pesky bugs, many of us are going to be breaking out the bug repellant. We’ve seen the commercials advertising their greatest and latest product, but if you really think about it and check out the ingredients label on the back, the ingredients really aren’t the greatest. Well I know I’m not about to be wearing shorts and showing off all my mosquito bites too, so in defense, I’m going to take one of Indie Lee’s all natural alternatives. Who knew?! I most definitely think it’s a better choice, not only for the green goodness of it, but also because of its better aroma all around vs the typical bug repellant stuff, yuck! Check out the video!

Hope you’ve found today’s #MakeupMonday helpful! Let me know what you think, and if you decided to try any of her products out!!

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Disclaimer: I was not paid to advertise Indie Lee or her products, this has been be true and honest personal experience and opinion.