#FashionFriday July 13, 2012 – Summer Day Around Town


#FashionFriday 13 July 2012

Hello Fashionistas!! It’s Friday, it’s Friday!! Whoohooo!!! End of the work week & onto the weekend!!

Two days ago where I live, was theee hottest day of the week thus far, and the same day my friend Carrie & I decided it would be fun to catch up, hang out, and shoot some photos….Despite the incredible heat, we were able to keep our cool somehow & not show it in photographs. We had people walking by staring, smiling and just deciding to stand their and watch us do our thing, sometimes this got awkward not gonna lie, but after a while we got used to it and continued minding our own business. It’s one of the many sacrifices one must do sometimes, haha.

Considering today is time to post another segment of #FashionFriday, I wanted to share the photos of our hot summer day! What do you think?

For makeup, I went for a neutral look, browns & gold shimmers w/ a turquoise eyeliner on the bottom lashes, not really seen in photos I found out.

My friend Carrie rocked a bright redish-orange eyeshadow & some flared out falsies that looked fantastic.

We found a few nice places to shoot around town :)

Loved this outfit in the window! & Yes, I’m drinking my Starbucks… green tea w/coconut syrup, umhmm, sweetly refreshing! You should try it!

We stopped into a new small little boutique store where we were greeted by the recently hired friendly sales associate. She told us how it was literally her first day working there, and it appeared she might’ve been bored because she proceeded to ask my friend and I if we would try on some of the new clothes. We looked at each other for a minute since we didn’t expect such a question, but said what the heck, why not. Plus, made for some more pictures. The sales associate, Becka, took these photos for us.

The little boutique had cute clothes & accessories, but we saved our money for shopping at Forever21. My weakness, the accessories department!

Purchased a beautiful bold statement necklace, a pretty sideways cross bracelet, 2 cocktail rings, & a turquoise chiffon maxi skirt. I’ll show that one to you guys next time (:

It was quite the interesting day I must say, as far as the random question from the boutique lady, and random people watching us taking photos, but nonetheless had a great time with my university friend Carrie. Big thanks to her for contributing to this photo shoot!!

I hope to do more of these kind of blogs for all of you to enjoy in the months to come! The only thing is being able to get someone to come with me & help me out with this kind of thing… or get a cool tripod & remote once I have enough money saved up. I’ll look into it. I’m still somewhat new at blogging so please just bare with me. I have lots of ideas, it’s just learning to get it displayed. If you have any suggestions or feedback for me, I’d love to hear back! Would you like to see more of these kind of posts? Let me know!

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