#MakeupMonday July 16,2012 – The Truth About Cleaning Your Makeup


#MakeupMonday 16 July 2012

Hello Beauties!

Hope you’re Monday is going splendid, or about to end well at least! Almost there! My Monday on the other hand was, ehhh… Today I got to spend the day home and get stuff done, a plus, but the downside is it seems like I’m going to get sick, sooooo yeah, not fun. The other day I was around a few people that were sick & immediatley my throat started hurting but I figured it was allergies. I was fine for one day, and then last night my throat was hurting so I took some Emergen-C. This morning I could feel I was really getting sick, it was in my voice and lethargy, so I took two more Emergen-C’s, my vitamins, & a full glass of orange juice for vitamin C which I know isn’t proven to do much, but at least makes me feel better for trying haha. For lunch I had some warm miso soup & salad. Dinner, skipping, or perhaps a snack will do later. Right now, I’m gonna relax, because my nose keeps calling the kleenex and I really just want to get better! It’s summer time!! Who gets sick in summer?? Idk, but it’s not fun. Pool party to attend tomorrow, so I need to recover. Anywho!!..That was my Monday.

Here’s a helpful tip I really want to share with you Beauties for today’s segment of #MakeupMonday. That is The Truth About Cleaning Your Makeup…. something I will have to do especially now that I’m getting sick!!

Ever wondered why your skin is breaking out or why you have a cold sore? It could be your makeup! Dirty products (not just brushes) can cause a whole heap of skin problems and disease such as blemishes, conjunctivitis, and even cold sores! “When you think about it, you wouldn’t use the same fork all week without washing it, would you? The same thing goes with your makeup,” says founder of Beauty So Clean, Nancy Crossley. Nancy began Beauty So Clean after years of working as a makeup artist and noticing that there were no quick, easy ways to sanitize beauty products and brushes while on the job.

“Cleaning all of your products after every use is essential, especially those that are near your mouth and eyes, and those that you use regularly,” says Nancy. “Mascara, eye liner, and eye shadow can all transfer disease such as conjunctivitis, and lipstick and gloss can carry around old food remnants—and who wants a bout of E. coli on their lips?” It’s also important to keep everyday beauty must-haves such as foundation clean, too. “If you’re applying foundation—or any product—with your fingers, wash your hands before and after use” explains Nancy. “These products spread bacteria like crazy, and are often the biggest cause of acne!” Regularly cleaning your products also increases their lifespan. “By ensuring that no nasty bacteria is eating away at your favorite lipstick, it will definitely last longer,” explains Nancy.

Our tip? Invest in an easy-to-use cleaning product, like the Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist. The spray means you can clean any product in 10 seconds, and the formula is chemical-free, so you won’t irritate your skin!

Big thanks to Beautylish.com

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