Are you ready for MBFW Miami 2013?!


Hello all you fashionistas out there!!

Especially those of   you planning on being beach bound till the end of summer… & beyond!! … heck, I would literally live on the beach if I could. Anywho…. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim Miami 2013 is here!!!!! Will be happening in of course the ever hot & happening Miami Beach Florida from July 19th through the 23rd.

Remember last year? What a show! Some of the most stunning swimsuits I’ve ever seen in my life. What didn’t MBFW Miami Swim 2012 have??? They had every style from futuristic, to boho chic, to glam, retro, cuban, & even bridal!! What will MBFW Miami Swim 2013 hold??! I’m excited to find out!!

Let’s recap some of MBFW Miami Swim 2012…

Lisa Blue



Have Faith

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Stay tuned with me for highlights of MBFW Miami Swim 2013!!

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