ROTH UPDATE & BEAUTYLISH Shop Now Open For Business!


Helloooooo Beauties!!! <3

Long time no see!! I’ve been on vacation for the past few weeks, a long needed vacation! I’ve also just recently started back up at my University again, so for now #MakeupMonday’s & #FashionFriday’s will not be weekly but probably monthly. Gotta get those straight A’s! Have missed and thought of you all frequently though. I’ve got a few new stuff in store that you’ll be seeing before this year ends so I hope you’ll stay tuned! 
For today’s post, I wanted to share with you a new announcement we’ve been long awaiting that I mentioned about 2-3 months ago about and their new makeup store… it’s finally up!!’s shop is now open for business!


Launching Sugarpill eyeshadows sure to give you a sugar rush!! For highly pigmented quality eyeshadows in a plethora of vibrant shades, Sugarpill is a must see!
Last October, I got the Sugarpill eyeshadow in Afterparty, a beautiful vibrant turquoise. 

Pictures to come soon!! 

Go there now! (Click the photo)


Let me know your thoughts on this new makeup brand! First impressions, your experiences, your opinions, even your makeup works of art, I’d like to hear about it all! :) 

Don’t forget to join me on Beautylish!

Until next time! Cheers!! 

xx Stefy