A Pacifica Pick-Me-Up!


Helloooo Beauties!!!

We are now at the start of the fall/winter season, and though I’m loving this fall’s fashion, I won’t lie, I’m gonna miss summer!! Good thing I can keep fruity, citrusy scents around me even during the rainy season. Won’t be giving those up just yet.

On that note, I’ve been wanting to blog about Pacifica for a while now! I’ve blogged about the Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange hand lotion before, but lately I’ve been using a few more items from the Pacifica line. Loving these other great products!!

First sticking with the delicious Tuscan Blood Orange family… I got:

1) Tuscan Blood Orange – Roller Perfume

This one smells exactly like the hand lotion, didn’t change like sometimes some perfumes do when made into something different. If you’re looking for a yummy  juicy perfume, and looking for one that will be longer lasting than a body spray but still subtle enough for everyday use, I’d highly recommend this one. If you’re wondering what Tuscan Blood Orange smells like, I’d say its very sweet, fruity, very close to a fruity loops smell…it’s a little difficult to describe but it’s delicious. It’s my fave.

2) Indian Coconut Nectar – Roller Perfume

This was the 2nd roller perfume I tried, not as fruity as the Tuscan Blood Orange of course, I wanted a coconut scent so decided to try Pacifica’s out. It’s much subtler, it has a sweet coconut aroma which I like when I don’t want an overpowering perfume, but one that I will still enjoy. I eat, drink, and will drink some more of this fantastic tropical fruit, the coconut. …. Wait, not literally drink this perfume, that’s not good, that’s toxic I’m sure, I mean to say I really like coconut as in the edible kind… Have you tried it the recently popular coconut water?! Omgee!! I’m so happy it’s easily available everywhere now. I know some people don’t like the taste of coconut but I do! Coconut water is incredibly hydrating, & not to mention delish, but now I’m going off on a tangent ;)

I highly suggest trying the Tuscan Blood Orange line from Pacifica if you’re new or never have tried it from Pacifica before, you won’t regret it!! I always get compliments when I wear this. Break it out in the middle of class and apply the lotion on your hands, and you’ll see how people around you (girls & guys) will be like “ummm, YUM!!! What is that incredible amazing delicious stuff?!” :D You’ll thank me!

Next items on my wish list…. All these items from the body line!! Definitely have my eyes on these. Hopefully I can get these soon & review them for all of you!

Last but not least, if you’re still undecided, you can always try out their new Sample feature where you can chose any sample of your liking for only $2! And if you’re already decided or already a Pacifica fan, when you spend $25 or more you’ll get a free sample or two! Links to every page is just a click away. (Click the photo of your choice to go there now!) 

Until next time!!!

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