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Last Fridayyyyy, I attended my very first IMATS in Pasadena, CA!! I attended with a friend of mine, Carrie…we both had a blast!! I knew what to expect somewhat, from what friends have said, YouTube videos, and also the fact its a trade show, so I figured there would be vendors, tables set up with products galore, and longggg lines… and while yes that’s true, it was basically tables full of makeup and lines to buy the products, there was also a lot more than that going on such as fashion shows, exhibitions, a costume battle, key note speakers, etc…. simply put, it was a lot of fun!

Who were the vendors? There were sooo many on the exhibitor list!! Brands from Inglot, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Ardell, Stila, Lime Crime, Sigma, Bh Cosmetics, Shany, Enzo Milano, to Pursebuzz and Makeup Geeks’s new lines, and even so many other exhibitors showcasing their  makeup, makeup tools/brushes, theatre art, or airbrushing products, etc…

Take a look!! Just a few pictures I took so my lovely readers can see!!


Row after row of different exhibitors and products!! (The full list can be found here)

My faves? So many were good, but I definitely do have a list of favorites I actually purchased from, some I already mentioned above, but here we go, I’ll just show you my little IMATS 2013 Haul.  :)


Got some Miss Moss “Red Cherry” lashes, Inglot, Stila, Bobbi Brown, Beauty So Clean, OCC Lip Tar, annnnd Sigma!!! I am very very happy with all my purchases, and actually wishing I bought more of certain things!! For example, I’m regretting having not bought the bigger bottle of the Beauty So Clean makeup disinfectant spray, I got the small size… hope it’ll last me until next year!!!…okay maybe not. Considering this was my very first IMATS event, I’m content. Definitely got way more lashes than I will use in a year but am excited to try them all out… loving the Inglot blushes and gel eyeliner I got… Lip Tars are so pretty and liking the minty-ness, restocked on some Stila products, Bobbi Brown makeup remover, Beauty So Clean brush cleaner & makeup disinfectant sprays, and last but not least, absolutely happy with my first ever & brand new Sigma brushes!!!!

Check out the Sigma line my friend & I stood in…2 hours!! … well, ok, she stood in line for maybe 45mins, then I joined her again, hehe.

IMG_0678 IMG_0682

Umhmm… the line from the wall, turns, the wraps behind and in front of the bright Sigma makeup section lights, till you reach the table with the nice Sigma ladies who ring your purchases up. 2 hour wait!!…. and so totally worth it :]

Here are a few more pictures to enjoy from my experience inside IMATS 2013 LA!!

Not only was there makeup for the average consumer, but also for theatre/movies…. as you will see from SOME, some were wayyy creepy, and trust me, I saw even creepier ones than these, but there was no way I wanted to snap photos of them, haha.

IMG_0677 IMG_0679 



Guess who was doing makeup at Sigma?!…. Tiffany D! Just had to stop, say hello and take a quick picture with her! :)
While in the line for Sigma our second time around, we ran into MakeupByCamila!
Guess who else I saw?! … MizzGlamorazzi! She was very nice, pretty much like I pictured she’d be in person… she’s been a fave YouTube guru of mine for a long time so I was excited to meet her. Just behind her bet you can spot another YouTube Guru!…. Also spotted behind us was Ingrid’s bf Luke Conard and a few others YouTubbers. YouTubbers were of course common at this event, it was nice seeing familiar faces. :)
There are Sigma’s 18k gold brushes — EXTRAVAGANZA Collection. Oooh la la.
These are some seriously luxurious Sigma brushes, not only are they more luxurious, they’re still of course incredibly soft.
Camila doing someone’s makeup here. People had the opportunity to get their makeup done by both TIffany D & Camila.
INGLOT! So many pretty colors to choose from!
This lady was sooo tall! Representing Enzo Milano curling irons!
Here’s a bit from the Costume Battle…
All 8 contestants
2nd place goes tooo!……
The mystical ice-princess looking woman, I was rooting for 1st place on this one. Not bad!

The 1st place winner!
Pretty chill costume! MUA got a $1,000 check! Congrats!!
And now for some more photos to enjoy! :)
Lol this one right below is too funny, girl behind me is like “what is this girl doing?” lol
This is one of my YouTube beauty guru friends Christina! (@LifeLoveGlam)
Stay tuned for more posts soon!! I’m getting ready for the sunny days coming up!

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