Back to the time…





Hello word wide web of amazing beautiful people! :) Long time no chat! I know I’ve been M.I.A… And I could tell you why but instead I’ll just save you all from the bore of excuses I have for having been gone. I’m stoked to just get back into writing/blogging again! And I hope you all will continue to follow my blog and also talk to me!… I love hearing from all of you!!

Something I’ve dearly missed about blogging and vlogging has been the sweet community with this social media. I’ve come to find that some of the best peeps are definitely bloggers. I’m not sure if I’ll be vlogging per se, I know some of my friends have said they enjoy my videos but believe it or not, I don’t really like watching myself in videos lol, it’s so awk for me! Makes me feel like I have no social life at times when I’m talking to myself & a camera lol.

Anywho!… I’ve decided to get back into blogging. And on that note, you shall find my fashion stylings via Polyvore, photographs of my outfit combos or #OOTD here, my fave beauty products from time to time, and now random blog posts just about whatever really — lifestyle, what I’m eating or drinking at the moment, a recap of my day, my fave music or songs atm, etc etc… I wanna make this blog more interesting and get to express myself a little more too. So don’t be surprised if one of these days you even read a sappy post from me, I have one in the making haha. Not to spoil what it’s gonna be about, but I’ll shall just say it gotta do with “relationships”, dun dun dunnnn… Haha

Side note: I was gonna share this picture with you early today about my fave new drink from Jamba Juice, then I held back bc is drank half of it lol, either way who cares now I’ll just post it. Have you tried the Apple & Greens kale smoothie lately?? It’s #delish! & Full of green goodness :P


Oh and before I forget to mention it, I like to Instagram, like a lot.. let’s follow each other?!  Find my IG @stefy316


taught my bestie how to perfect the winged eyeliner ;)

taught my bestie how to perfect the winged eyeliner ;)

Last but finally not least, while I’ve not been bloggin’ here, I have been Tumblrin’ Tumblr:  << where I like to repost my faves at least 2-3x weekly & share a lot of the music I’m currently into.

Until next time! xx Stefy