How To Test If Your Makeup Is Good Quality… (A Candid Loreal Pro Matte Review)


… Simple! Get food poisoning! Lol ok ok before you go off unfollowing my blog thinking I’m now a psycho, let me explain, lol… So here’s the back story. Today, I had the misfortune of getting food poisoning. πŸ˜”#NotFun. What I correlate it back to is the delish Grilled Salmon Salad I had from a cafe in midtown.

IMG_2828-1 Wait what?!.. Yeah, exactly, I would’ve not expected to get sick from such an amazing dinner, but low and behold this morning I woke up sick to my stomach and threw up. I thought I’d gotten better, you know getting it out of my system and all. So I got got ready to accompany my friend to the hair salon. She was getting the new Kim K hair cut, super sassy and classy πŸ’‡ I’m lovin’ it.

As soon as we got out of there and analyzed the hair ladies workmanship sitting in the car, suddenly I get sick all over again. πŸ™Š Yup you guessed it. Had to vomit. My fave, not… 😣Gross. Don’t worry I made it out of the car in time. So pretty much this was my diet today…

…it’s now later in the night and I’m feeling a heck of a lot better πŸ˜€πŸ™Œ thank Jesus! Lol As soon as I grabbed these essentials with my good friend, I was bed ridden. I’m not much of a day napper, (is that even a word?)… At all. In fact I really dislike taking naps bc I feel like they throw my day off, and also because I could be dong something besides sleeping the day away. But you’ll know I’m truly sick when I’m napping πŸ’€. Β It was much needed today. All that to say that the only makeup I wore today was some Loreal Infalliable 16 hour Pro-Matte makeup powder. I’m the color 300 Nude Beige.

This is only my second time wearing it, and let me tell you, if it lasts my sickness and side-sleeper sleeping all day, wow, it’s made my favorites list. I see no trace of makeup on my pillow or bed sheets, that’s a plus! Also, this makeup is still on my face, 13 hours later, and still looking #flawless! πŸ’ Actually now looking at my face again, I may wanna touch it up just a smidge on one side of my face where I’m getting a tiny bit shiny, but other than that, wow. Great product! It’s exceeded my expectations. πŸ’―

So yeah, if you want a really great product that lasts, I highly recommend this powder. I’m quite picky when it comes to drug store brand powders so this one is definetly one I’ll be re-buying if it holds up to this level as time goes on. This is designer brand quality without hurting the bank. πŸ‘Œ

Okay Beautifuls, hope you enjoyed my little blog post today. Apologize if it was a bit TMI for some of you! I had to tell you the backstory so you’d understand why I’m now a big fan of this product! πŸ˜„

Now to have dinner in bed as I continue enjoying this Ed Sheeran playlist on Spotify. 🍴 Chicken noodle soup and crackers with a side of ginger ale coming right up!

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Stefy πŸ’–