Question of the day: Men’s ties πŸ‘”


Goooooood Morning!! 

So yes as per my post title, I have a question regarding men’s ties. 

(Don’t mind me I’m just gonna sketch this out… Yes my square tie is funny looking, anyyywhoooo…. )twitter @ROTHtweets 
What kind of tie do men prefer?? Is it the modern square tie? Or the traditional tie? 

Does it depend on the occasion? Price? Fabric? Etc? What does it depend on? 

What makes one more appealing than the other? 

These are the questions I’ve recently wondered and asked. 

If you know any men that wear ties, ask them and let me know what they say! …or if you are a man reading this blog post, let me know what your thoughts are on this! I wanna hear! :) 


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