Origins – New Skin Care Regimen & Product Reviews


So I’ve been trying a whole new skincare regimen, I decided I would share my new favorites and new routine with you all for my first post back into the blogging world — it’s been a while haha. I won’t bore you with the details of my short disappearance, unless I get requests, or if I’m bored or feel like sharing randomly one of these days, we shall see… anywho, I did want to share these new finds, because they’re not so new they’ve been around, but I’m not sure too many people rave about it, feels like these are hidden gems. I’m very picky about my skincare mainly since my skin can react sensitively to some products, so I choose to invest a little without trying to break the bank of course. I am debating whether I’ll end up making a YouTube video on this too (: I’ll link it below if I do.

The day I was shopping at the mall I not only purchased products from Origins, but also stopped by The Body Shop for some items and awesome sales going on — The Body Shop Skin Regimen & Reviews. (<<< INSERT link to post)

Side note: there’s a sale going on currently! $20 off $45 purchase IN STORES & ONLINE! PLUS GET A FREE HAND CREAM. CODE: FRIENDS


Okay let’s get into the products I purchased! You’ll read my 2 cents alongside some key info on each product.

Zero Oil™

Origins | Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser


This cleanser contains Saw Palmetto and Mint which some people say gives a bit of a “toothpaste” kind of smell, I personally think it’s slightly true but overall I enjoy the refreshing feel & smell the mint gives… especially in the morning time. I have also used it at night and I reminisce being at a spa getting a facial lol.

Would I rebuy it? — So far I’d say ABSOLUTELY. Short-term experience: It’s been amaze. Long-term experience: TBD

From using about 2 weeks straight I can say my skin has never felt so squeaky clean from the day’s makeup without being stripped & feeling dried. Also noticed improvement in blemishes being diminished during that hormonal time of the month.

You will want to moisturize and follow the next steps of your skin regimen though, I think if not your skin may feel slightly parched. I didn’t have this issue because I immediately tone & moisturize.

I will let you know, I’ve stopped using it and am using a normal cleanser to see if I notice a difference. Will keep you posted in my next skin care post which will be on The Body Shop products >> link to be posted here later (;

Go to the website >


Original Skin™

Origins | Original Skin Renewal Serum


I was unsure about this product for my face when I first got to sample it on my hand in the store, I liked the feel, nice smooth texture, doesn’t feel like a slippery synthetic silicon, it feels like it absorbs well leaving the skin feeling like a baby’s bottom :) lol but really, ALSO I noticed it does mattify which is a plus.

Still using this product , I have noticed improvement in look of skin in the past 2 weeks I’ve been using these products. I’m not sure I’ve got that JLo glow but I hope so!

>>> While I was at the store, I also picked up a few samples of some of the other products that either intrigued me or were recommended to me by the sales lady…

Checks and Balances™

Origins | Checks and Balances (Frothy Face Wash)


I felt a little on the fence with this cleanser. I wanted to like it, definitely has more of that toothpaste kinda smell to it… again this doesn’t bother me, just feels & smells refreshing & clean which I actually like. I will note, the toothpastey-ness to it is stronger than the Zero Oil one, just to mention for those of you wondering. Why I was on the fence? — I wasn’t sure if it was this product, couldn’t been something else, but I think my skin just didn’t care for this product, I didn’t notice a decrease in blemishes I had at the time I was using this. Also I think I may’ve noticed a skin reaction on my forehead, little bumps. #bummed

However I am determined it should work better so I may try it again and come back to you with an update here at this post again later.


Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins™

Origins | Dr. Andrew Weil – Mega Mushroom Skin Relief (Advanced Face Serum)


So I sampled this item bc (1) it’s by Dr. Andrew Weil and he was on Oprah, and (2) because the lady told me it was great, and (3) because apparently it helps with blemish issues as well! I’ve tried this one about 3x now and is it all true — so far YES! I was pleasantly surprised. Not sure I’d use it frequently though, since I’m worried it’s going to break me out — probably not true — but I chose to treat it like well, a treatment, to use sparingly.  If you use this everyday, and your around my age (I’m 25) and you don’t break out from this then please let me know! I’ve heard someone who was in their 40’s who used this did break out, hence my apprehension to use daily. I hear it’s great to use during that one time of the month though to help keep the face in check and blemishes at bay — when I tried it at first during that time of the month I can agree it helped, but there were other factors as well — I was using a few of the Origins products I’m mentioning today.

A Perfect World™

Origins | A Perfect World (Antioxidant Cleanser)


This cleanser seemed to be like a normal cleanser to me — I have more of the normal to oily type of skin — not sure this one will do much for me. Will keep you posted on this one — still testing. (but I am too impatient to let you miss out on the rest of the products I’m raving about today in this blog post)


Origins | GinZing (Refreshing Eye Cream)


This product is a light pearly-pink, it does brighten, I like to use it under my eyes after I’ve moisturized the rest of my face. You need just the tiniest amount of this product. It does depuff — which honestly I don’t have much of a puffiness issue though one day I did on my eyebrow area, I placed it there and no lie, took like 2 mins and that area was de-puffed (#doe-eyed emoji can be placed here) lol

I will also be making a video of my skin care routine soon!! (Stay tuned!)


Modern Friction™

Origins | Modern Friction (Gentle Dermabrasion)


(Have yet to try this product — will keep you posted soon, TGIF!!)

Will be back soon kids! Stay tuned! I’ve been #adulting working a full-time job for a finance company these days… but I still love to blog (;

Reminder again, am planning on getting a YouTube going again to review & post routine.

If you have any experience with these products I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!!


Disclaimer: I am not being sponsored to review these products nor was I gifted these products. I purchased the products with my own money. Ingredient information is taken from website.