About & What to Expect

I’m Stephanie AKA Stefy,

college student & aspiring fashionista trying to find my way into the fashion industry a little bit at a time. Do you remember being asked “what you want to be when you grow up”?

Well changing my mind about a thousand times, I’ve realized that to be truly successful one must do what they love, and for me–not to sound cliche’ or anything but…fashion truly is my passion. Meanwhile I’m being inspired by everyday life in pursuit of this big dream I have, I’ll blog a little bit about what I know.

A blog titled “Runway or the Highway” to express my fashion (& now also beauty) discoveries, ideas, and my own fashion experiences with anyone willing to stop by, read, & explore with me on this great adventure (:

RUNWAYORTHEHIGHWAY…where the runway is my highway…

**This blog is still considered a baby,  so please be patient with me as it is under slow construction & upgrades**

RUNWAYORTHEHIGHWAY fashion blog’s very first day

A few things to expect from RUNWAYortheHIGHWAY (ROTH):

– current & upcoming season trends
-anything related to runway shows, fashion style ideas, including some behind-the-scene/fashion shows I’ve been involved with


On my newest division of ROTH, “[Phase 2]” @ http://runwayorthehighway.tumblr.com/ 

-you can find ROTH highlights/faves

-hair, make-up, beauty products from fabulous finds from drug-store beauty products to what the celebs from Hollywood use
-and many fun extras!!

any fashion-related requests or suggestions are gladly accepted!

We’re all part of the fashion industry in one way or another!

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