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NARS & TARTE Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Lipsticks

👋 Hellooooo Beauties!!
For today’s post, I wanted to share my fave velvet lipsticks/lip pencils everrrr… NARS!
Ok that’s it, hope you enjoyed today’s post! Bye!

Lol jkjk, I won’t be so short & cold…

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ROTH UPDATE & BEAUTYLISH Shop Now Open For Business!

Helloooooo Beauties!!! <3

Long time no see!! I’ve been on vacation for the past few weeks, a long needed vacation! I’ve also just recently started back up at my University again, so for now #MakeupMonday’s & #FashionFriday’s will not be weekly but probably monthly. Gotta get those straight A’s! Have missed and thought of you all frequently though. I’ve got a few new stuff in store that you’ll be seeing before this year ends so I hope you’ll stay tuned! 
For today’s post, I wanted to share with you a new announcement we’ve been long awaiting that I mentioned about 2-3 months ago about and their new makeup store… it’s finally up!!’s shop is now open for business!


Launching Sugarpill eyeshadows sure to give you a sugar rush!! For highly pigmented quality eyeshadows in a plethora of vibrant shades, Sugarpill is a must see!
Last October, I got the Sugarpill eyeshadow in Afterparty, a beautiful vibrant turquoise. 

Pictures to come soon!! 

Go there now! (Click the photo)


Let me know your thoughts on this new makeup brand! First impressions, your experiences, your opinions, even your makeup works of art, I’d like to hear about it all! :) 

Don’t forget to join me on Beautylish!

Until next time! Cheers!! 

xx Stefy


#MakeupMonday – June 11, 2012 Indie Lee

Monday 11 June, 2012

It’s the 2nd edition of #MakeupMonday!!

You may’ve already heard me rave about the natural products I’ve reviewed and enjoyed by Indie Lee, however for those of you that haven’t, for today’s #MakeupMonday I will be sharing with you one of my newest favorite all natural brands that you can feel comfortable using. It’s not “greenwashed”.

At the top of my list of favorite products by Indie Lee, it would definitely have to be “The Cleanser.”

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Blast from the Past: My NuboNau Top 3 Past Favorties!

Hello everyone!!! So happy to be back and blogging again!! Took a few days to rest, which you have no idea how badly I needed, and now I’m happy to have some more free time back on my hands to do some things I really enjoy doing! :)

Today I wanted to share with you a few of my past NuboNau favorites!! I thought to make things easier for those who ask where to buy these products, as with most of my blogs about products, if you click on its picture it will lead you to the website exactly where you can get it.

The following items I’ll be talking about are not really listed in any particular order, except for the first one!!… I’ve been an absolute fan of John Master’s body butter!



I’ve been using this quite often, usually at night and mostly when my hands feel like they’re really dry. This butter does some serious moisturizing, not to mention it smells amazingly delicious!! Smells like a delicious freshly baked cookie! No lie!! It also does have that cocao butter scent of course, so if you’re not a fan of that, this particular product probably isn’t for you. This hand/body butter was my best friend this past winter, but I’m sure I’ll continue to use it this summer. When I run out, I’ll definitely be going back to NuboNau for another!

Another one of my faves…

Lavender Rosemary Shampoo // Lavender & Avocado Intensive Conditioner


Not only did these smell awesome, but they actually leave your hair feeling really clean, unlike some other natural/organic shampoos I’ve tried which can sometimes be oily-ish or leave your hair feeling coarse, these leave your hair feeling super soft and smooth. I normally don’t notice whether my hair is soft or not, people say it is but I can’t tell since I’m used to it I guess, so I when I do notice it’s soft, I guess it must be really soft! These products leave my hair feeling good & happy :) I also noticed that the conditioner cut down on the frizzy flyaways I sometimes get if I air-dry my hair, so that was pretty awesome. I will be coming back for these!! (I’ve also tried their Sage & Zinc Shampoo which was pretty good too, my mom also tried it, but she prefers the Lavender one above.)

Another one of my faves from the NuboNau natural & organics skincare boutique, since of course I like strutting a different nail color almost every 2 weeks or so, was the Butter London nail polishes that they have available.

3 Free Nail Lacquer in Pillar Red

BY Butter London

I got the Pillar Red color which is seriously the perfect stop sign red nail laquer. Sometimes you find a cheap slut looking red (haha, as one of my friends would say), or you’ll find a deep red, or orangey red, but if you want a true red (like the red on the soles of a Louboutin heel) this is like the perfect red. Looks fabulous, classy, and simply pretty. 2-3 Coats of this & you’re ready to go!

As with all products I mentioned, I will be going back for more of all these, the body butter, shampoo/conditioner, and nail lacquer :)

When I find a great product, I’m most likely to stay loyal to it and the company. Totally recommend these products. And if you haven’t done so yet, everyone should check out and tell them RUNWAY OR THE HIGHWAY recommended, or just use my email at the check out,

Also don’t forget to go LIKE my FB Fan Page!! If I can reach 100 people, which I know I can since I have well over 100 followers, I will do a NuboNau giveaway. I will personally go & buy something from & give it away!!

Peace, Love, & Fashion my beauties!!

Stay tuned for #FashionFriday!! 



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