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This Fall at H&M

Sadly to say, Summer will soon be ending…

for others, finally Fall is coming!

Check out the latest apparel from H&M that will be sure to keep you trendy from season to season but especially this fall season whatever the occasion may be.

Click on the pictures when you’re ready to go to it’s link.

Some of us are getting ready to head back to school.
Check out these Back-To-School styles.

By Day or by Night, finding the perfect look is made easy with H&M. Check out some of these looks.

Don’t worry fellas, I haven’t forgotten you guys out there!

Find everything seen here at H&

Urban Decay’s 15-Year Anniversary Look

Last month Urban Decay came out with yet another new & amazing eye shadow palette for their 15th birthday!

All the blogging I’ve been doing on the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Miami 2012 fashion show, has delayed this post since I prefer to limit blog posts to no more than one a day. [if you follow me on Twitter, than you may already know if I find something fashion/beauty-related after I’ve already made a post, I will tweet it at ROTHtweets]

Okay, I don’t know about you but I absolutely loveeee love love color!  My mind goes crazy with ideas whether it be looking at all the nail polishes or looking at all the eyeshadow options there are.

Quick little story… Back in high school as a freshman, I was that fashionista girl with the bright colorful eyeshadows that people complimented and people wanted to know what products I used & how I created  the look. Being a natural artist, I can honestly say I did a pretty good job even back in freshman year and I don’t have any makeup regrets (at least none I can remember) thankfully haha! I loved experimenting and was of the first few at my high school doing the two/three-colored contrasting eyeshadows & creating my own duo-colored eyeliner looks as well. The duo-color eyeliner look was pretty much done everyday, even for P.E. Since Urban Decay has an amazing array of colors, naturally it became one of my top favorite makeup brands till this day.

All this talk is compelling me to do someone’s makeup!

So enough of me talking… let’s go get what Urban Decay is calling their 15-yr Anniversary look!

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Behind-The-Seams photos [part 2] Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami 2012

Continuation from Behind-The-Seams photos (Part 1) CLICK PICTURE to go to Part 1

This will be my last post from behind-the scenes covering Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim Miami 2012. It was such an amazing and fun experience. Both the models, designers, backstage managers–everyone– were incredibly friendly.

If anyone I’ve met there miraculously happens to be reading this right now, THANK YOU! Everyone was amazing & I can’t wait for the next time we’ll meet again.

All the swim apparel from Diesel, White Sands Australia, Poko Pano, Beach Bunny, Crystal Jin, L*Space by Monica Wise, Wildfox Swim, Caffé Swimwear, Dolores Cortés, Mara Hoffman, Aqua Di Lara, A.Ché, Norma Kamali, Red Carter, CIA.Martima, Luli Fame, LUXE by Lisa Vogel, Lisa Blue, DiNelia Brazil, A.Z Arujo, Aguaclara, Aquarella, Have Faith Swimwear, Kooey Swimwear Australia, Nicolita, Sonia Vera Swimwear, Jogo Beach, Perfect Tan Bikini, Tavik, & Zingara… were all absolutely stunning. It was torture seeing all the new swimwear and not being able to wear them myself just yet. I would’ve loved to be caught in any of their looks, especially in beautiful South Beach Miami.

Models pose backstage ready for the CAFFÉ Swimwear show

Whitney Port getting her photo taken before the Mara Hoffman show

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Behind-The-Seams photos [part 1] Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami 2012

Entering the Oasis tent

Birds-eye View from The Raleigh Penthouse

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim Miami 2012! & VIP Lounge

LUXE by Lisa Vogel runway in the Cabaña Grande, only moments away from starting the show!

Models rehearsing for the CIA.Martima show

Designer Lisa Vogel being interviewed backstage Cabaña Grande

Model getting her hair retouched before the DIESEL show

SKYY Vodka bar & photo booth for guests

Model getting some MAKE UP FORVER done

Press/Media backstage getting photos of the models

Models posing backstage the Oasis before the L*Space by Monica Wise show

Model getting her hair done before hitting the runway

Kristen Cavallari walks the runway with Diesel denim flag for the DIESEL finale

Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton posing for a picture before the CAFFÉ Swimwear show

…to be continued in [part 2] Behind-The-Seams photos [part 2] Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami 2012

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