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What NOT To Do for the Top Knot

We’ve all seen the trendsetting ‘top knot’ hairstyle on & off the runways, seeing more & more women trying this hairstyle everyday. I myself wore this hairstyle once or twice to school.

However, the purpose of today’s post, is to show you how to successfully pull off the ‘top knot’ hairstyle, so we can stop looking like we didn’t know what else but to put little effort to our hairstyle and put it up into what some guys ask themselves… “isn’t that the hairstyle girls do when they’re washing their face?”

This look was meant to look yes somewhat effortless, but also polished, not sloppy and oh I don’t even know what to call it really…but we’ve all seen that person who didn’t quite pull this look off. If you were going for the somewhat messier effortless look, there’s also a way to do that look, without looking too incredibly drab.

The first thing I notice when I see someone sporting the ‘top knot’, is its fullness. I’ve seen way too many girls rocking a floppy top knot that doesn’t do the hair trend any justice. I’ve included many pictures for the visual people like me out there.

Fabulous top knots off the runway:

Fendi Top Knot w/a twist

Bottega Veneta's "Ballerina Bun"


Top knots are a great way to get your hair out of the way, & if done correctly, looks fabulous on everyone. This reoccurring hair trend has been seen at shows such as Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Alexander Wang, & many more.

The buns at Lanvin were more relaxed, but to take the style to the street don’t pull your hair as tightly into the bun. Colin Gold, expert stylist to the likes of Vivienne Westwood & Naomi Campbell, calls this style the Empire State due to its

“skyscraping height”.

To achieve the perfect top knot for day he recommends, “Spray your hair withMatrix Volumizing Hairspray and blast freely with a hairdryer. Then tease the hair from the roots through to the ends using a medium tooth comb.”

My favorite hairsprays for volume, are TRESemé Tres TwoBed Head Hard Hold, Sebastian Shaper Fierce

Or try the NEW Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray

“Using a brush, sweep your hair into a high ponytail on the crown of your head and support it with an elastic,” he adds. “Then gently tease the ponytail to increase the height of the finished style. Wrap the ponytail around itself using your fingers to create your preferred shape. Hold in place with bobby pins and lightly spray with hairspray to hold all day.”

Annnnd… not so fabulous top knot  but still decent:

Kelli Garner's not bad, would've been a little better if top knot was slightly fuller. However her look works due to the side part/bang she added.

Yes to polished:

And the fabulously done top knots:

ABSOLUTELY NOOOO!!! to the sloppy & floppy:

Celebs caught rocking the top knot very well:

Sienna Miller

Kate Bosworth

Keri Russell

Vanessa Hudgens

Whitney Port

Whitney Port w/ a more casual but still decent top knot.

Shanae Grimes

Gwen Stefani

Here are some tips that will hopefully help to put an end to the not so cute floppy-looking top knot, & help you achieve the fashion forward top knot it was meant to be.

bobby pinsOkay, first of all remember that the objective is height (which is why poor J.Lo’s version failed). Second, some may disagree & say it’s not about the volume, but I say for a more attractive top knot, volume is a must. I’m not saying you need to look like there’s a basketball on top of your head… unless you can pull it off “Bird’s Nest” style like J.Lo then go for it! …

J.Lo Birds Nest Bun

…but it shouldn’t look like super tight and itty-bitty like a ping pong either.

bad top knot

Know what I mean? If need be, don’t be afraid to add some volume, you’ll be amazed by the difference it makes! The above may work for runway, but in reality, it’s not so attractive when compared to the other top knots I’ve shown you.

I mentioned earlier how a floppy top knot isn’t cute either, and I’m sticking to my opinion on that one… maybe it’s just me personally, but I think a floppy frizzy top knot simply looks too plain lazy, like you rolled out of bed without doing your hair, or like many guys have said — like you put your hair up just to wash your face. :(  No bueno.

(Oh, and I should also mention that you do need to have somewhat long hair for this style, obvs. because the bun sits so high on your head, it won’t work if you have to pin the back pieces halfway up. The goal is for this to look EFFORTLESS –but NOT lazy) — which it is, really.)

Step 1: Put your hair into a high ponytail at the top of your head and secure with either a clear or an elastic that matches your hair color. How tight or loose you make it is up to you—that’s what’s great about this look, it works both ways.

*Remember to not keep it too loose. If you want your hair to be super-smooth, spray your brush with a bit of hairspray before you use it to comb back your hair—this will get rid of frizz. If you’re going for a looser style, you can probably work the frizz if its not too bad.

Step 2: If you want a more casual style (like Sienna’s or Keri’s), pull some wispy pieces out at the sides, top or back.

Step 3: Wrap your ponytail around the elastic and secure it in place with bobby pins.

*Remember to secure the bobby pins properly, you need to criss-cross them.

[EXTRA STEP FOR THE AMBITIOUS: If you want a bigger, more voluminous knot, spray your ponytail with a heat-protective texturizer and then curl and tease it before wrapping into a bun shape and pinning. You can also try putting accessories or even braising a few pieces here & there for an added touch.]

*Note: If you don’t completely like the “top” knot, an alternative very similar look, is to lower the bun a bit. Mine’s not totally polished and smooth, you can see there’s some texture in the bun, and of course it’s lowered w/ a side braid.

My version of the top knot a bit lowered w/ side braid

Step 4: Once everything’s pinned in place, spray liberally with hairspray to set.

Step 5: Look fabulous doll!!

Chanel Iman's top knot

What do YOU think of the top knot? Have you tried it? Want to?

May take some time to get it just right, maybe it is all based on personal taste & opinion, but all-in-all, I hope you’ve enjoyed these top knot hair tips!  (;

Back To School Hairstyles & Makeup [Fall 2011 Edition]

If you want to stand out on the first day back from break, consider trying out some of your favorite celeb’s hair and makeup styles!

 Leighton Meester was rocking two-toned tresses recently. If anyone can work a hot trend, it’s Blair Waldorf! This look is ultra-flattering on all skin tones.

 Amanda Seyfried, former Mean Girl looks gorgeous rocking a loose fishtail braid and light grey, smoky eye. Make an intense eye appropriate for class by keeping the rest of your makeup simple — just some rosy blush and gloss will do. A playful braid is flirty enough to catch the eye of last year’s crush — or the cute new boy.

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Behind-The-Seams photos [part 2] Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami 2012

Continuation from Behind-The-Seams photos (Part 1) CLICK PICTURE to go to Part 1

This will be my last post from behind-the scenes covering Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim Miami 2012. It was such an amazing and fun experience. Both the models, designers, backstage managers–everyone– were incredibly friendly.

If anyone I’ve met there miraculously happens to be reading this right now, THANK YOU! Everyone was amazing & I can’t wait for the next time we’ll meet again.

All the swim apparel from Diesel, White Sands Australia, Poko Pano, Beach Bunny, Crystal Jin, L*Space by Monica Wise, Wildfox Swim, Caffé Swimwear, Dolores Cortés, Mara Hoffman, Aqua Di Lara, A.Ché, Norma Kamali, Red Carter, CIA.Martima, Luli Fame, LUXE by Lisa Vogel, Lisa Blue, DiNelia Brazil, A.Z Arujo, Aguaclara, Aquarella, Have Faith Swimwear, Kooey Swimwear Australia, Nicolita, Sonia Vera Swimwear, Jogo Beach, Perfect Tan Bikini, Tavik, & Zingara… were all absolutely stunning. It was torture seeing all the new swimwear and not being able to wear them myself just yet. I would’ve loved to be caught in any of their looks, especially in beautiful South Beach Miami.

Models pose backstage ready for the CAFFÉ Swimwear show

Whitney Port getting her photo taken before the Mara Hoffman show

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Behind-The-Seams photos [part 1] Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami 2012

Entering the Oasis tent

Birds-eye View from The Raleigh Penthouse

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim Miami 2012! & VIP Lounge

LUXE by Lisa Vogel runway in the Cabaña Grande, only moments away from starting the show!

Models rehearsing for the CIA.Martima show

Designer Lisa Vogel being interviewed backstage Cabaña Grande

Model getting her hair retouched before the DIESEL show

SKYY Vodka bar & photo booth for guests

Model getting some MAKE UP FORVER done

Press/Media backstage getting photos of the models

Models posing backstage the Oasis before the L*Space by Monica Wise show

Model getting her hair done before hitting the runway

Kristen Cavallari walks the runway with Diesel denim flag for the DIESEL finale

Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton posing for a picture before the CAFFÉ Swimwear show

…to be continued in [part 2] Behind-The-Seams photos [part 2] Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami 2012

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