Gooood Morning!!!


… Or shall I say afternoon?… It’s about 11:30…
Haha yes I slept in a little today, but hey I’m about to start school again on a Tuuuuesday! πŸ˜„ Lol I had to!

For breakfast how bout this #delish protein πŸ“ strawberry smoothie with a dash πŸ‘Œ of organic coconut shavings to top it off? πŸ˜‹

Instagram: @stefy316

To make this smoothie it’s quite simple, all you need is your fave protein powder, a few frozen or organic fresh strawberries, and organic coconut shavings.

If you don’t have shavings you can always buy some coconut dried pieces and use a grater or knife to shave them down. I’ve used coconut pieces from Trader Joes! And I eat them solo dolo too πŸ˜‹

So now I’m about to be on my way to Noah’s Bagels, brb! … ⏳

Okay I’m back! Can you say, yum?!!! I don’t consider myself a huge fan of bagels like I know some people who are, but I’ll admit I do like me some Noah’s Bagels!
Anonymous person: “Hey Steph you want a bagel?”
Me: “If it’s Noah’s I’ll have it!” Lol
Sorry if you’re name is Noah, but imma eat your bagel πŸ˜„


🍩 why is there no bagel emoji?? Anyway, hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday!!

Xx Stefy