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It’s #MakeupMonday!! Yesterday you got an extra freebie on my post about long lasting bold lipstick πŸ’„, if you haven’t checked it out yet please do & let me know what you think!
The “Bold Lip” That Actually Lasts

Today as promised I’m going to share some of my fave lip balms & recommended lip balms.


These are my current lip balms at hand. The EOS in lemon drop πŸ‹πŸ˜‹ waterproof & has SPF, Yes To in pomegranate, a C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries lemon & strawberry tinted lip balm, and a random no brand lip balm I got at a concert event but contains no chemicals and is petroleum free balm with SPF in passion fruit.

During the day I’ve liked using EOS, Yes To, & the no name one either by itself or under a lipstick/lipgloss since they contain SPF. At night time I’ve been using the C.O. Bigelow (from Bath & Body Works) or the no name one.

One of my other faves I always have with me is the Fresh Sugar lip balm… Actually it’s called a “lip treatment”. πŸ‘Œ This is a must have, splurge a little & use in case of emergency type of lip balms. I used to use it every night but now I use it as needed. Usually when my lips are feeling extra dry. It is AMAZE! It’s a little pricier than the other lip balms I’ve mentioned but it’s worth it. It’s worked for me when I’ve had dry lips literally over night making them soft & smooth in the morning.


People have called this one the “holy grail” of lip balms/treatments haha

I’m sure all of these lip products can easily be found via the inter web thanks to Google.

When it comes to lip balms (as well as many other products I’m sure I’ll share later on), I really like to go for natural and organic when possible. Not because I’m a tree-hugger (no offense intended) or a trend following “hipster” (though I love them too)… It’s simply because I’ve been made aware of harmful effects of chemicals in our day to day products and not even know it. So once you know information like that, the mind just weighs: my health & well being in the long run, over the cost. Not to say I only shop at Whole Foods or something, but hey they do have some awesome products too! Let’s just go back to the basics is my kinda view on it.

Btw, can people just stop saying they must have gluten-free products?? Gosh it makes me laugh when I hear people actually verbalize this “need”. And when I see it labeled on some products that aren’t even edible, I just think “wow, marketing…” Smh… Bc I am majoring in marketing lol. πŸ˜…

But seriously, gluten isn’t something everyone has a condition against… Gluten (as per my nutrition PhD professor & NBA nutritionist), is actually made when you are chewing certain foods. In addition, only about 1% of the world has Celiac Disease which is the gluten allergy. I have a friend who has this allergy and it’s no joke. My professor too laughs at this gluten-free fad that’s swept the nation in recent years. Having a gluten-free diet is NOT considered a healthier diet. So can we stop being so obsessed and over around about it? I’m just saying…

But now I digress though I’m about to close this post, and we should stick to talk about more lip balms lol…

Okay so, I came across this post just the other day from another fellow WordPress blogger on the lip balms she recommends, and it was while I was writing the bold lip post so it inspired me to write this post today. Check it out! Taste Space

Another blog post I found on organic lip balms is by Mother Earth Living

I’ve noticed that “Hurraw” is one that’s reappearing for this organic/vegan category, I’ve never seen nor heard of it before therefore, I’m intrigued, especially by the name, & I think I shall try to get my hands on it soon. πŸ‘πŸ˜

β€œSuccess consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

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