How to Achieve “The Bold Lip” That Actually Lasts



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Lips can say a lot—if they stay on. A bright lip is one of my favorite go-to makeup looks for really any special occasion, or for occasion in general when you just feel like adding some color 🎨 to your life!  In an industry where I’ve had to where A LOT of black clothing, like errrday, a pop of color livens up the face! 👩💄💋

Here are a few of the looks I’ve shared either on my Instagram or Snapchat


getting ready for a Jhene Aiko concert

IMG_1027_2 IMG_1538 IMG_4631DSCN2250 Hahah pardon my super old Insta pic screenshot. If you’d like to know what lipsticks I’m wearing in these pics lmk! Textures are critical so you might have to reconsider some of the textures you might usually wear. I usually like to consider where I’m going to be or how I’ll be spending my day since I’m not one that likes to be checking myself out in the mirror often to retouch my makeup or anything, so the least maintenance for me the better. Glossy textures aren’t going to last as long as a velvet matte or even a cream color. Now, I’ve loved velvet & matte lipsticks the best for the past 3 years or so, however I will say that recently I’ve rediscovered the lipgloss and am loving it once again. Just choose wisely! Side note since I touched on topic of lip glosses…The gloss I have been wearing when I’m not at work, I have 2 faves that I’m wearing more often when I’m not wearing my velvet lipsticks, they are the Moxie lip glosses found at the Bare Minerals store and Victoria Secret Beauty Rush 3D Holographic lip glosses (when I feel like adding fun to my lips, bc this is a VERY sparkly gloss, use with caution). With the 3D gloss, what you see is basically what you get. If you’re going to wear any intensely sparkly lip glosses, I highly suggest keeping the rest of the makeup look to a minimum so you don’t look like a middle schooler ;) hah IMG_2080IMG_2081 The Bare Minerals Moxie lipgloss is one I’ll definitely be purchasing over and over again for as long possible, it’s my no.1 atm.


my bare lips

💄 Okay now onto how to actually keep some beautiful bold lip colors on your lips!!… First, I’ll prep the lip using a scrub or even a warm washcloth to brush off any dead skin. This is critical as lipstick will grab onto any dead skin—especially in the winter. Let me tell you, my lips get dry pretty easily and it sucks. So the next step is to put on lip balm—I love natural lip balms like the “Yes to” pomegranate from Target, or the EOS lip balms—and leave it on for 30 minutes before I start the process. And here’s what I do: I’ll powder the lip with a translucent powder. Next, I’ll take a neutral lip pencil – something taupe-y or pinky taupe—and sketch out the entire lip shape and fill in the entire lip. Then, I take a Q-tip and I buff the lip, leaving the edges alone, so that it leaves only an imprint of the pencil. I’ll powder the lip again. And finally I’ll apply the lipstick. Let me tell you, the lip will not move! 👄 👍 These tips are red carpet worthy, I’d love to see how it works for you! For more on lip balms, check out my next post “The Balm” – Some Favorite Lip Balms tomorrow! Stay Beautiful!! xx Stefy